5 Super-Honest Reasons Why People Experience Anxiety


Do you remember how it felt when you were a kid, skipping through life without a care in the world? Your biggest worry was should you watch Popeye or Bugs Bunny afterschool. When your parents took you to the candy store you became giddy and happy.

Things seemed so simple because you did not have all of that nervous energy also known as anxiety. 

5 reasons Why People Experience Anxiety

1. The economy is a major reason we have anxiety. The country is in debt.

2. Soaring gas prices, outrageous housing costs, even the cost of food has sent many to work in jobs that are unsatisfying and tedious. You work these jobs because you need a paycheck. Today, it’s more important to bring home the bacon rather than work in a dream career.

3. Women are more stressed today than just about any other time in history. Today, women feel the need to be everything to everyone and that includes a paycheck earner, house keeper, mom, wife, daughter, and home-based business guru.

The only problem with that is some women just don’t make any time for themselves thus contributing to their anxiety levels.

4. Teenagers who want to go to college find themselves having to hold down full-time jobs to earn money for extras that their parents can no longer afford. 

5. Cell phones, Internet, Blackberries, iPhones/iPods, IM, email keep us in constant contact with everyone. We are always available. As a result, even when on vacation we can’t relax and enjoy life because we tend to stay connected – which causes more anxiety.

What to do?

Without worry, you will be in much better health, and your appearance will certainly improve tenfold. Excessive anxiety causes premature wrinkling, can lead to early graying of the hair, and can have adverse effects on the skin.

Additionally, you are causing unnecessary damage to your heart and stomach, among other vital organs. Worrying releases adrenaline and other hormones to the brain, leading to severe emotional responses from the nervous system.

It is possible to be that little kid again while maintaining the maturity of adulthood. For example, your life does not have to always be work. Accomplish some vital tasks throughout the day, then treat yourself to some ice cream or another indulgence you may not have had in a while.

How to Stay Healthy and Fit Without The Gym

Anxiety takes over sometimes as a form of punishment to ourselves, but we have to remember not to miss out on so many of life’s little pleasures and treasures. 

While life is certainly not always a bowl of cherries, we can certainly try our hardest to alleviate some of that pressure in order to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. If we are tense and wound up, this cuts into the fun side of our personality, until we find that we have missed out on so much. So unclench those fists, put up your feet, and start the process toward living without anxiety.


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