Chiropractic And Massage Treatments For Back Pain

Chiropractic And Massage Treatments For Back Pain

Hello, Today we are discussing a new topic that is Chiropractic And Massage Treatments for back pain.

Open-minded doctors who practice alternative medicine have advocated aggressive nonsurgical treatments like Chiropractic And Massage Treatments as being superior to surgery in dealing with low back pain. One recent study seems to back up their claims.

According to a report that appeared in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics(18:335-42, 1995),

“researchers reviewed 3,531 charts of consecutive patients visiting a teaching chiropractic clinic between 1990 and 1993. Seventy-one of these were from cases of low back pain with radiating leg pain clinically diagnosed as lumbar disk herniation. Better than 40% of these patients were 50 years or older. Of 59 patients who received a course of spinal adjustment,90% reported significant improvement in their conditions. The report concluded that “chiropractic care may be an effective and safe treatment for low back pain and sciatica.”

Chiropractor treatment-

In selecting a chiropractor to treat your own back pain, make sure that the one you pick is right for you. Ask around to see who the best chiropractor may be.

Find out through your local state chiropractic review board, those chiropractors who may have had some additional medical training beyond that offered by most chiropractic colleges, which would better qualify them to treat back injuries through spinal manipulation.

Massage treatment-

A massage is also a good approach to treating back pain. About 10-15 drops of peppermint oil may be applied over that area of the lower back where the pain is greatest. The person administering the massage should kneel astride the patient’s head and work from the middle of the back in even, downward strokes, pushing forward with the meaty parts of both palms and the fingers spread apart all the way to the tailbone.

Both hands are then cupped, turned sideways, and placed at an angle against the skin. With slight pushing exertion, they are pulled upwards towards the shoulder blades in a squeegee action similar to that used by window washers.

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Apply more drops of oil as necessary to keep the skin surface lubricated enough to permit the hands and fingers to easily glide over it with minimal friction. Repeat these back-and-forth motions for up to ten minutes and perform the treatment every six hours, if possible, for maximum relief.



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