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Hi, everyone! This blog is all about my brand new meal plan. Like my nutrition and fitness plan that I have been getting into this month, I’ve kind of talked about it briefly that I hired a personal trainer — and she’s fabulous, but I thought that I would show you kind of how I’m setting everything up for tracking within my fitness Journal for 2019

Now a huge disclaimer before I get into any of this, is that I hired a professional and this plan was tailor-made for me for my fitness level, for my personal goals and for my own personal health, so I just want to beg each and every one of you not to copy this plan for your own.

Like I said, this was tailor-made for me specifically and I did seek out a professional to get this made for me. Everyone is different, every body is different, so these numbers and like, the number of calories I’m eating and my macronutrients and even the workouts that I’m doing, they are not going to fit everyone,

So I always recommend consulting a professional before you embark on any kind of meal plan or fitness Journal or anything along those lines.

This blog is strictly to show you how I’m setting up what I’ve been given within my “fitness Journal for 2019” and hopefully to spark some ideas for you if you’re setting up your own meal plan or nutrition plan.

Okay, that huge disclaimer aside, let’s get into it. The first thing that I did when I hired a trainer, she sent me an eight-week meal plan and the meal plan that she sent me was very loose. It’s all about following a few specific rules and then tracking my calorie intake and my macronutrient breakdown each and every day.

How i maintain this “Fitness journal for 2019”

I have these goals for daily calories and my carbs, proteins and fat, and then I have these general guidelines for my meal plan, and then she also sent me a list of healthy proteins, fats, and carbs that I can choose from when I do my shopping and meal prepping for the week.

All of those good things, so I set up this spread mainly as a reference for myself. I have my goals here and then I can reference this anytime I need to if I need to see where I’m at with my daily calories and macros.

On the next page I started to kind of plan out my six meals a day, what time of day I would be eating, and then this whole spread is basically a mess because I was going to do certain breakfast and actually do the breakdown of each one and then do the same thing for snacks and lunches.

But I found that it wasn’t really working for me so I kind of just left it as is. I have some ideas for snacks and lunches up here and then these are the steps from my initial fitness assessment that we did on the first day that I met her in the gym, so this is my weight, all of my measurements and then my body fat, etc.

So I wanted to have that as a record of where I started. Alright, after that I have my very first meal plan that I did, this was for my very first week on the program and my plan here was —

obviously I have my six meals on the right, I wanted to plan them all out, and then I created a shopping list based on all of these meals, what I would need to shop for, and then I kept it pretty simple.

I have an open box for things that I needed to buy and then an ‘X’ through it if it was something I already had in the pantry, so this made it really, really easy for me.

I keep my grocery list on my phone so this made it really easy for me to go down this and add items to my grocery list as needed. so I stuck to this meal plan for my first week and I got a really good idea of all of the nutrients and calories that are in each of the meals that I made that week.

I’ve been using an app called My Fitness Pal to actually log all of my food and intake and all those things, so I don’t actually have a food log in my fitness journal for 2019, I’ve been keeping that in my app.

Okay, so that is everything related to food. Then let’s see, we’ll go here, this is the beginning. My trainer has these great workout logs for me every day when we go to the gym and I don’t have Monday yet because when we started on the twenty-seventh that was actually the day that we did a fitness assessment.

So we didn’t actually do a full workout on Monday, but I do have all of the workouts for the rest of the week and I’ll show you how I broke them down here.

I have my workout, which is like what exercises we’re doing and then i have weeks 1, 2, 3, and 4. The plan, according to my trainer, my personal coach, is that after four weeks we’ll reassess, kind of switch things up, so I just did these on a four-week basis.

So the idea here is whatever my workout is, I log what I did or how much weight I used, and then I can log it again week after week and I’ll be able to see my progress if I increased weight or anything like that, and then down here on the bottom corner of each page I have my macros.

So I have my daily calorie goal, my carbs, my fat, and my protein and then I’m logging what my actual numbers were down here in the bottom. And then at the very bottom of each of the weeks, I have a little notes area so I can write down notes, anything that was sore, anything that I just want to remember from that workout day.

I don’t have anything written in the notes areas yet because I actually just set all these up yesterday, and I don’t have any notes from that first week because I didn’t take any notes the first week!

Alright, so you’ll see I have Monday is arms, Tuesday we’re working my back, Wednesdays we’re working legs — and yes, I realized that leg day is just as bad as people say it is!

I’m laughing at myself! Alright, so I’ve got all my workouts there, Thursday is shoulders, Friday is chest, and Saturday is core and abs, and I’m filming this on Sunday which is my rest day.

And I can tell you my abs have never hurt so much in my life,like every time I laugh, it hurts very bad! But that’s a good thing, that means progress. Alright so that really is it, sweet and simple, I wanted to have these logs so that I have a record of my journey within my fitness Journal for 2019.

So obviously this is going to change for each individual out there as I said before, I highly, highly, highly discourage you from copying these plans exactly, but I’m hoping that the layouts will give you some inspiration as for how you could lay out your own workout plans in your fitness Journal for 2019.

As far as supplies used I did want to touch on that really quickly, I really just used my black Sharpie Pen which I got out of this set right here. I love this black Sharpie Pen, I’ve been using it for almost everything in my Bullet Journal, so all the black that you see here is that Sharpie Pen.

And then this gray highlight color that I’ve been using on my workout logs is the Tombow N75. It’s a really light gray and I love it. But yeah, that is it, short sweet and to the point today, I hope that you found some inspiration here and I hope that you enjoyed taking a peek through my logs.

I just wanted to let you know also that tomorrow for my blog post I’m going to write a more in-depth review of how I set up each of these pages. and I will have a lot more information there for you.

Alright so that is it, I want to say thank you as always for tuning in. If you have questions, comments, concerns, as always drop them in the comment box below, and I will look forward to seeing you all very very soon! Bye!


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