Home Remedies for Defective Vision

Home Remedies for Defective Vision

What is Defective Vision?

Defective vision is powerlessness of eyes. The categories of defective vision are myopia or short-sightedness, long-sightedness, and color blindness. Short-sightedness means incapability of seeing far objects whereas long-sightedness means incapability of seeing nearer objects and in color blindness, one can not able to differentiate colors. The old peoples are mostly sufferer in these eye problems.

Symptoms of Defective Vision

The different sign or symptoms of defective vision are-

  • itching and heaviness in the eyes
  • water secretion from eyes
  • minor pain in the head
  • unclear vision
  • reddishness of eyes.

Causes of Defective Vision

The main cause of defective vision or myopia is the deficiency of nutrients and proteins in our body. The other causes are

  • high mental and physical stress
  • irregular blood supply
  • reading in the very low power light
  • watching TV with very close to the screen
  • reading books while traveling in trains or buses
  • short-sightedness.

Home Remedies for Eye Stye

Home Remedies for Defective Vision

The various effective home remedies for defective vision are as follows.

  • For improvement of your perception eat vitamin A rich food such as green vegetables, milk, spinach, tomatoes, cheese, cream, butter, etc.

  • Consume sprout and dal, you will get protein and which is very much effective for your eyes.

  • Make a solution by mixing 30 grams of Triphala with half a liter of water and consume it every day. It is one of the natural home remedies for defective vision.

  • Vitamin C is very much essential for an eye problem. You will get this vitamin from orange juice. Drink orange juice in a regular basis.

  • Mix half teaspoon of honey and one-fourth teaspoon of ghee with a half teaspoon of licorice powder. Drink this solution two times a day with a cup of milk in an empty stomach. This is a useful home remedy for short-sightedness.

  • You should keep a distance from drinking and smoking because these are highly harmful to your eyes.

  • Soak 3 to 4 almonds throughout the night and in the next morning chew these almonds by removing the outer skin. It is also a very effective home remedy for defective vision.


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