Home Remedies for Heartburn

home remedies for heartburn

Heartburn is a fairly common problem among Americans, particularly those who are obese. Even though the term “heartburn” sounds like it should refer to the heart, it actually refers to the esophagus irritation. And today we are going to see Home Remedies for Heartburn

Symptoms of Heartburn

Some of the common symptoms of this condition are-

  • burning in the chest and/or behind the breastbone shortly after eating,
  • a hard time swallowing,
  • a burning and a strange taste in the back of the throat
  • feeling as though food is getting stuck in the chest or throat.

Although occasional heartburn may not be anything to worry about, it can be a problem when it happens frequently.

Causes of Heartburn

The cause of heartburn is an underactive lower esophageal sphincter, which is also commonly referred to as a LES. The way that it causes heartburns is by not becoming tight when it is supposed to. Heartburn, ultimately, is caused by excessive stomach acid due to the LES.

However, there are also two main reasons that the LES may not function properly. One of these reasons is stomach pressure, which may be caused by either pregnancy or obesity. Another one of the reasons is overeating, especially when eating the wrong foods (high fat, greasy foods). Some other factors which may also contribute to heartburn include.

Home Remedies for Heartburn

  • Add some form of ginger to your diet. There are a number of different ways for you to take it, but it is often recommended that you mix it with some type of food or hot tea.

  • Be sure to add more fiber to your daily diet. Although it is best to get your fiber naturally through healthy fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, you can also consider taking a fiber supplement to get the daily recommended amount. If you do this, make sure that you add a little bit at a time, so that your body is able to adjust to it.

  • Don’t forget to drink the daily recommended amount of water (eight 8 oz glasses). This will help your stomach eliminate excess acid and other toxins from the stomach.

  • Consider drinking a few cups of green tea daily. You may also consider cold, pre-mixed green tea. The reason that green is recommended for heartburn is that it can help the body out with the overall digestive process.

  • Almonds can help get rid of the stomach acidity. Some people also claim that it helps relieve the symptoms that they experience due to heartburn almost immediately. Add a few almonds to your meals or eat them before your meal. Do this daily to prevent heartburn.

  • Boil chopped up mint leaves in a cup of water. Drinking a cup of this mixture each day will help prevent you from experiencing any type of heartburn.

  • Eat a banana every day of the week. Try to do it early in the day, whether you eat it alone or with something else, such as cereal. It will help prevent acidity from affecting your stomach and will prevent heartburn.

  • For instant relief from heartburn, drink an 8 oz glass of water with a pinch or two of Baking Soda added to it. Do this any time that you experience heartburn. 

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