How to get rid of a cleft chin without surgery


Doing some facial or more specifically neck or chin exercises might get rid of a cleft chin.

Here are a few easy to do exercises:

How to get rid of a cleft chin without surgery

1. Press your palm to your forehead for 10 seconds while resisting with your head and neck. You should feel your neck and chin tighten. Repeat the movement with your hand on the back of your head, then on each side, with your hand cupped over your ear.

2. Lift your chin up and open and close your mouth as if you’re chewing. Feel the muscles under your jaw and down the front of your neck tighten.

3. Sit up straight in an armless chair, holding the bottom of the chair with your hands at your sides, tilt your head back and alternately close your mouth pushing your chin forward and they open your mouth as wide as you can.

4. Lift chin slightly upward. With a flat point of the index and middle fingers. press against indentation (hollow) formed by the two upper nodules of the larynx located at the curve from chin to neck.
Do not be concerned in the beginning as to the precise location of pressure which you will discover through practice. Regard finger pressure as the resistance against the working muscles.
Now press your back teeth firmly together and while maintaining this position, press the tip of your tongue against the inside of lower front teeth (gum line) increasing pressure with the tip of the tongue in 10 or more gradual and definite steps (Count to 10). 
Hold end position of pressure for 6 seconds (count slowly to six). Release muscle work for 10 gradual steps (count to 10). Remove finger resistance. Repeat 4 more times. How to get rid of a cleft chin without surgery.

5. Slap under the chin with the back of your hand. When slapping, start gently and build up speed gradually. Do this for a couple of minutes each time, two or three times a day.

6. Exercise the muscle called the platysma whose function is to pull down the corners of the mouth and pull down the jawbone. Open your mouth wide, and then pull up your bottom lip over your bottom teeth.
Move your jaw up and down as if you’re trying to scoop something up with it – imagine the movement of the shovel on a digger scooping up earth or debris on a building site. Perform ten repetitions of this exercise each time, and again do this two or three times a day.

Here is more advice and input-

*Eat healthily. First, eat an apple or grapes with some whole grain bread or cereal. Have a snack! Like like a salad or something. Exercise lightly at first, then work out a little bit heavier every day that you work out.

This will make you look thinner and muscular too! It will also get rid of your double chin!

*Facial exercises will definitely work! also, eat a very balanced diet. Don’t eat JUNK! because it will make you gain more than you trying to lose 🙂 A chin exercise is to tilt your head back sitting in a chair and try to kiss the ceiling lol you will feel it work under your chin

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*Say NO: Lie flat on the floor, lift your head SLIGHTLY (such that it is not in contact with the floor) and look to the sides one by one without letting the head rest on the floor.

Will look a bit like you are saying NO. Say YES: Again, lie flat on the floor, and bring your chin closer to your chest and bring it back making sure your head does not rest on the floor.

This will look like you are saying YES. You will see the difference within a couple of weeks. No need to overdo this. Just once a day … say 20 reps.

Exercise. Whether you lift weights, run, or walk make sure you incorporate this into your daily exercise routine. Don’t eat fried feet, red meat, or white bread. DO NOT eat after 6 pm. This should help.

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