How to reduce body heat through yoga

how to reduce heat through yoga

This is a sequence of posses which reduce body heat through yoga. And help cool your body down. If you doing this regular bases in summer, your body will naturally reduce the heat and you feel cool and calm. So Let’s see how to reduce body heat through Yoga?

How to reduce body heat through yoga.

“More effective than anything is Yoga, which cools the body. Our bodies breathe predominantly through one nostril at any given point. This changes every 1.5 hrs in a healthy individual. When the body is breathing through the left nostril, the body cools down.and its happen only in yoga”

Here are some Yoga techniques to beat the heat. You can follow as it is.

1. Janusirsasan

What it does: Every yogi knows that at the end of their asana routine, the best way to cool off is perhaps by practicing Janusirsasana.

It immediately switches on the parasympathetic nervous system and so the body begins to cool off.

2. Padhastasana

What it does: It is an easy asana, as you don’t really need to warm up.

Just by dropping your body forward, you will be relaxing your nervous system, and reducing your metabolic rate and body heat.

how to reduce body heat through Yoga?


3. Merudandasana

What it does: The spine allows you to relax deeply, thereby once again moving from sympathetic to parasympathetic nervous system activation.

This helps you to cool off.



4. Ardha Matsyendrasana

What it does: A complete side twist that helps relax you deeply.

It’s great after a yoga or exercise routine and also at anytime (morning or evening) when your stomach is not full.


5. Shavasana

What it does: An ubiquitous relaxation pose that everyone, yogi or non-yogi, loves!

Shavasana along with deep breathing relaxes the nervous system more than any other yogasana. And, this instantly brings down body temperature.


6. Pranayam

Left nostril breathing: Close your right nostril and breathe through the left nostril. Slowly the parasympathetic nervous system activates and this causes adrenaline to be reduced, thinking becomes calmer, heart rate slows and so body temperature drops.
Sheetkari pranayam is one of the most effective yoga techniques to beat the heat.

Sheetkari Pranayam: Join your teeth, open your lips and draw in an inhalation. As the air passes through your spit, it cools down and hence as it enters your body it cools it from inside. Exhale out through the nose. In about five minutes, the body temperature drops. This is one of the most effective yoga techniques to beat the heat.


7. Visualisation meditations

They are very effective to maintain an adequate response to extreme weather conditions. Manish explains, “Visualising ice-capped mountains allows you to drop your body temperature. This takes a little time to master, but is very rewarding as a practice.

Yogis are able to make their body shiver by visualising cold. You can also try visualising the colour dark blue, when the colours outside are actually the yellow of the sunshine.

so, maybe you all got the answer to your question that “how to reduce body heat through Yoga?”

(Image courtesy Neetu Singh,co-founder of Total Yoga)

Source- Hindustan Times

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