Red Clover- health benefits and organic facts


“The extraordinary health benefits of red clover include wound healing, improved cardiovascular health, the treatment of psoriasis and eczema, the treatment of infertility, the fight against osteoporosis, the fight against cancer cells, the support to the immune system, improving scalp health, strengthening the internal body, supporting psychological health and increasing energy.”

“Red clover” is a favorite herb among herbalists due to a large number of health benefits associated with it. Not only is it known to regulate irregularities in your body, but it is also known that tea made with red clover increases energy levels. In addition to this, it has other health benefits that include improving the condition of the skin.

What is red clover?

Perennial grass belongs to the meadows of Africa, western Asia, and Europe. Red clover is scientifically known as Trifolium Pratense. Edible grass contains a pleasant aroma and it is for this reason that its tea is widely used for therapeutic purposes all over the world.

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Nutritional value of red clover-

100 grams of red clover provide the following nutrients.

 Calcium 8 g

 Chromium 17 of chromium

 Magnesium 9g

 Niacin 5 g

 Phosphorus 7 mg

 Potassium 9g

 Thiamine 9 mg

 Vitamin C 5g

 Zinc 4g

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Health benefits of red clover

  • Fight with cancer cells-

A recent study has stated that it is possible to find the right amount of vitamin C, an antioxidant in red clover that can fight cancer cells. The rapid spread of cancer cells helps the deterioration of health that you can control by incorporating the grass into your daily routine. Furthermore, further studies are underway to find its additional effects in different types of cancer.

  • Improve the immune system-

You can strengthen your immune system by consuming 2 to 4 cups of warm “red clover” in a week. When your immunity gets the boost, it will work to combat the factors contributing to respiratory congestion, bronchial asthma, cough, and cold. However, in case of a constant cough and high fever, consult your primary care physician and avoid self-medication.


  • Cure Wounds-

Studies have shown that red clover is an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent. This is why it is widely used in medicinal herbs to treat wounds, bruises, knife cuts and insect bites. You can apply crushed red clover with a carrier oil on the affected area to prevent infection and dismantle the bacteria.

On the other hand, nutritionists suggest that consuming a tea made from herbs is very useful for treating burns and the discomfort caused by it. Furthermore, it is said that regular consumption of tea accelerates the recovery process.

  • For psoriasis and eczema-

It can treat numerous skin problems through red clover. The facial package made with grass or tea can work in any way. On the other hand, it has been a part of traditional home remedies in relation to the treatment of eczema, skin ulcers and psoriasis.

The properties found in red clover are also effective in improving skin tone and complexion. Regular application of facial packs made with it can help to increase the elasticity of the skin which will eventually delay the onset of aging.

However, in the event of a severe skin condition such as eczema and psoriasis, you should also check with your dermatologist and refrain from home remedies, as they can contribute to further skin problems.

  • deals with infertility-

Studies have concluded that several factors contribute to infertility in both men and women. Nutritionists often recommend treating infertility problems through natural sources, since they do not affect general health. Here’s where the red clover comes in the picture.

You can incorporate red clover tea into your daily diet to consume isoflavones that can treat infertility problems. Nutritionists have advised against opting for home remedies if you are taking medication in this regard.

  • Improves cardiovascular health-

Red clover is an inexhaustible source of isoflavones, a nutrient your body needs regularly to maintain good levels of LDL cholesterol. It is possible to collect minerals such as zinc, potassium and a component called red clover coumarin necessary to thin the blood. In addition to this, the properties also help maintain the flexibility and expansion of the arteries.

On the other hand, the herb is also beneficial for postmenopausal women. Therefore, it is safe to claim that red clover can improve your cardiovascular health, but you should also seek professional help in this context to avoid risks of stroke and heart attack.

  • Fight osteoporosis-

You can find several studies that claim that women are susceptible to weak bones and osteoporosis. The disease could also affect men. With the help of minerals like potassium, it can increase bone density.

Enriched with red potassium clover tea can improve bone conditions that eventually prevent the onset of osteoporosis. In addition to this, nutritionists also suggest incorporation of calcium-enriched foods and a gentle exercise routine to combat the symptoms that contribute to the disease.

  • Improves scalp health-

Dandruff, bacteria and fungi infections help to dismantle scalp health as much as possible. You can avoid this problematic condition by incorporating red clover into your daily routine. It is a source of antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that treat scalp infections. It is said that regular consumption of red clover tea also promotes hair growth.


  • For psychological health-

Like other organs of the body, your brain also needs nourishment. Agitated routines and daily chaos can negatively affect your psychological health. That’s why you should opt for foods that contain soothing properties like red clover. Nutritionists suggest that not only tea made with grass but also its pleasant aroma also acts to relax tense nerves.

It is said that regular tea consumption relieves high levels of stress and anxiety, improving concentration and concentration. Therefore, with a clear mind, you can perform various activities without obstacles. So, drink a fresh red clover tea in a day to maintain your overall psychological health.

  • Strengthens the internal body-

Your body needs many minerals and vitamins to avoid external and internal health factors. Nutritionists suggest that the consumption of natural foods such as red clover can enable essential nutrients obtained. When you consume it daily, vitamins and minerals will begin to effectively strengthen your internal body.




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