Ringworm Home Remedies

Ringworm Home Remedies

What is Ringworm?

Ringworm is one of the dangerous diseases caused by a fungus that belongs to Dermophytes group and leads to infection. It is otherwise known as Tinea. It can affect the scalp, face, neck, feet, and nails.

The patches of ringworm in the body seem to round or oval shape with a red ring. If it is not treated immediately then it becomes chronic and difficult to come out of this infection. Ringworm is infectious and spread very fast throughout the body. Normally the duration of scalp ringworm is 10-14 days whereas skin ringworm is 4-10 days.

Causes of Ringworm

Ringworm of the scalp is commonly seen in children due to lack of protective fatty acids in their scalp. It is easily spread from the affected person to a healthy person by touching or skin to skin contact. Also, pets like dogs and cats take fungus that causes ringworm.

Home Remedies for Ear Infection

Home Remedies for Ringworm

  • Rub the slice of the raw papaya on the ringworm patches. Make a paste of dried papaya seeds and applied on the patches. It will work well for Ringworm.

  • One of the most effective home remedies for ringworm is mustard seeds. Apply a paste of mustard seeds externally around the ringworm patches after rinsing the skit with hot water.

  • Castor oil is useful for scalp ringworm. Rub this oil on the affected area. This is a good home remedy for Ringworm.

  • For keeping the skin soft and prevent from itching applied coconut oil on the affected area.

  • Another effective treatment for ringworm is Turmeric. Apply the juice of raw turmeric in the external part of affected skin and you can take one tsp of turmeric juice mixed with the same amount of honey. It gives you a better result.

  • Try to avoid tea, coffee, highly flavored dishes, white flour products as well as sugar while having this infection.

  • It is also helpful by applying mudpack over the area of the ringworm.

  • The leaves of the cassia tree paste are helpful in treating the irritation of the skin during this infection.

  • The juice of holy basil leaves is very useful to apply over ringworm patches.

  • Raw vegetable juices are also useful for the treatment of ringworm.

  • One of the simplest and effective remedy for ringworm is to grind small amount of seeds of herb butea and make paste by adding little lime juice and apply the paste on the affected area.


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